InstaPro or Instagram Pro is a modern application that is a replica of the popular social media app Instagram. InstaPro APK built with special features, which give you amazing features.

The ads displayed when using Instagram can be quite annoying. By using InstaPro v10.30 (latest version), you can easily control the annoying ads. The Instagram Pro app has a feature that will block all ads and help you have an ad-free experience.

In addition, it has many other interesting features that we will explain in detail in this article. Please request to read the article to the end. Let’s first provide you with the InstaPro APK download link.

InstaPro App Overview

You can go to the Insta Pro 2 APK download page by clicking on the download button given below.

App NameInstaPro ♕
Size71 MB
Package Namecom.instapro
Android requires5.0 or above
Last Updated8 November 2023

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What is Instagram Pro?

Instagram Pro is an Android app packed with additional features. You can use it to run multiple IG accounts. We all know that to use Instagram, you need to create an account with a Gmail or phone number. Running two accounts in one app is a complex process. Again, sometimes switching accounts becomes confusing. The solution to this confusing problem is InstaPro.

InstaPro APK Download
Instagram Pro

In this app, you can run multiple Insta accounts without any hassle alongside running the official Instagram. In addition, it has many super features that the official app has failed to provide so far. You can use features such as sharing full-quality photos, Download IGTV videos, downloading stories and photo, built-in app lock, ad-free, etc.

In addition, instaPro also offers small but really useful features. Such as copying the text of any bio, enabling/disabling double tap to like, downloading your own story with music without making it public, copying comments, and much more. Overall, it’s like the ultimate version of Instagram, with all the features that are beyond your imagination.

Why Choose Insta Pro APP?

Customization Options

One of the key attractions of insta pro APK is the ability to personalize your Instagram interface. From changing themes to tweaking the layout, users have unprecedented control over their app’s look and feel.

Enhanced Privacy Features

This app takes privacy seriously. With features like incognito viewing and the ability to control who sees your online status, users can navigate Instagram with a heightened sense of control over their information.

Additional Functionalities

Beyond the standard features, insta pro APK introduces additional functionalities like downloading media, saving stories, and more. These extras add a layer of convenience that many users find invaluable.

Key Features of InstaPro APK

InstaPro APK is a modified version of the official Instagram app that offers a variety of additional features and enhancements. Here are some of the key features of insta Pro APK latest version:

InstaPro Features
  • Media Download: InstaPro allows you to download photos, videos, and stories from other users’ profiles, even if they have a private account.
  • Read Receipt Control: You can hide read receipts so that people can’t tell if you’ve read their direct messages.
  • Zoom in on Photos and Videos: You can zoom in on photos and videos up to 8x.
  • Change the App’s Theme: You can change the app’s theme to light, dark, or blue.
  • Video Autoplay Control: You can toggle video autoplay on or off.
  • Story Viewer: You can view stories anonymously without the other person knowing.
  • App Lock: You can lock the app with a PIN code or fingerprint to protect your privacy.
  • Ghost Mode: You can browse Instagram anonymously without leaving any trace.
  • Copy and Paste Captions: You can copy and paste captions from other posts.
  • Share to Other Apps: You can share photos and videos to other apps directly from InstaPro.
  • Disable Ads: InstaPro blocks ads from appearing in the app.

These are just some of the many features that InstaPro has to offer. If you’re looking for a more enhanced and customized Instagram experience, then InstaPro is definitely worth checking out.

How to Download InstaPro on Android?

Download instapro APK 2023 latest version (v10.30) is straightforward with our direct download link. If the primary link fails, an alternative link is available. To ensure a smooth download of third-party apps like insta pro, temporarily disable the Play Protect app scanning feature.

To disable Play Protect app scanning:

  • Open the Play Store and tap the Menu icon.
  • Select Play Protect.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Turn off the “Scan apps with Play Protect” option.

Once Play Protect is disabled, follow these steps to download Insta Pro v10.30 on Android:

Step 1: Click the “download” button provided above to access the Instagram Pro download page.

Step 2: Click the download button to initiate the APK file download.

Step 3:Upon receiving the download notification, verify the file name matches the app information provided.

Step 4:Accept the download request and wait for the APK file to download completely.

Step 5:Once the download is complete, proceed with the installation process.

How to Install InstaPro APK on Android?

InstaPro app is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, manual installation is required on Android devices. Fortunately, you can retain the stock Instagram app on your phone, as both apps use distinct package names and can coexist without conflicts. Follow these steps to install InstaPro on Android:

  1. Verify File Download: Ensure you have downloaded the Insta Pro APK file from a trusted source like
  2. Enable Unknown Sources: To allow installation of apps from outside the Google Play Store, enable the “Unknown Sources” setting on your Android device. This setting can typically be found under “Settings” > “Security” or “Privacy.”
  3. Locate the APK File: Using a file manager app, locate the downloaded InstaPro APK file on your device’s storage.
  4. Initiate Installation: Tap on the Insta Pro APK file to start the installation process.
  5. Grant Permissions: During installation, you may be prompted to grant certain permissions to the InstaPro app. Review these permissions carefully and grant them only if you are comfortable with the app’s access to your device’s features.
  6. Complete Installation: Once the permission requests are addressed, the installation process will continue. Allow the installation to complete without interruption.
  7. Launch InstaPro: Once the installation is finished, you can launch the InstaPro app by tapping on the app icon or finding it in your app drawer.
  8. Sign In: Enter your Instagram account credentials to sign in to InstaPro and start enjoying its enhanced features.

How to Use Instagram Pro App?

When you switch from Instagram to Instagram Pro, all of your Instagram chats will be transferred to the Insta Pro app. There is no need to back up and restore chats. Also, you can use your Prime account because the app has advanced security measures. So, all you have to do is:

Step 1: You will need your default Instagram login credentials, which are your email address and password. You can find these credentials by logging into Instagram on the web or by checking your email for a confirmation message from Instagram.

Step 2: Once you have your login credentials, launch the Insta Pro app from your app drawer.

Step 3: Enter your login credentials and tap Login.

Step 4: If you don’t remember your login credentials, you can also use the “Login with Facebook” option. This will allow you to log in to Insta Pro using your Facebook account.

Step 5: Once you have logged in, instapro will ask you to allow it to access your Facebook account. This is so that instapro can sync your contacts and other information from Facebook. Click on the “Continue as you” button to allow instapro to access your Facebook account.

Step 6: Once you have allowed instapro to access your Facebook account, you will be logged in to the app. Your Instagram chats will be transferred to the insta pro app.

Step 7: To explore Insta Pro settings, tap on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Under Settings, you will find an option to explore insta pro settings. Tap on this option to explore the different settings that insta pro offers.

Available Shortcuts on Insta Pro app

In addition, there are a number of shortcuts available in the insta pro app. We have listed them below so you don’t have to find them.

  • To turn video auto play on/off, long press the camera icon.
  • To turn read ticks on/off, long press the direct icon.
  • To start copying, lightly tap and hold any bio text.
  • In comments, click Copy for instant text copying.
  • Triple-click any media to save it instantly.
  • To open settings for developers, long press the home icon.
  • Long press on photos to zoom.

InstaPro App Download for iPhone?

InstaPro is a modified version of the official Instagram app that offers a variety of additional features and enhancements. These features include the ability to download photos and videos, hide read receipts, zoom in on photos and videos, and more.

Currently, Instagram Pro is only available for Android devices. The developer, SamMods, has not yet released an iOS version of the app. There is a possibility that SamMods may release an iOS version of InstaPro in the future. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and you are interested in using InstaPro, you can check back on this website in the future to see if an iOS version has been released.

How to Run Insta Pro on a PC?

Insta Pro APK can be easily run on a PC, whether it is a MacOS or Windows machine. Thanks to app players like BlueStacks. It creates a virtual Android system on your PC where you can install Android apps and run them seamlessly.

InstaPro for PC
InstaPro for PC

Sorry to iOS users, there is hope for you to use insta pro if you have a Macbook or Mac computer. Now, let’s get to our instructions on how to use Insta Pro on PC.


  1. Go to the BlueStacks official website and download the appropriate app player for your PC.
  2. Install it on your PC as you would any other software.
  3. Launch the BlueStacks app player from the desktop.
  4. Either download it to your PC and double-click to install it or open the Chrome browser in the app player and then go to website to instapro download apk and install it.
  5. Once the Insta Pro APK is installed, you can launch it from the BlueStacks app player.

That’s it.

Official Instagram vs Insta Pro APK

FeatureInstagramInstagram Pro
Download photos and videosNoYes
View private profilesNoYes
Hide adsNoYes
Official appYesNo
Endorsed by MetaYesNo
Risk of account banLowMedium

Instagram Pro App Screenshot

Instagram Pro APK Pros and Cons

  • Download photos and videos
  • View private profiles
  • Saving reels in one tap
  • Disable ads
  • viewing profile pictures
  • Copying the bio text of any profile
  • Not official app
  • Instagram may ban your account

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstaPro?

It is a modified version of the official Instagram app that offers a variety of additional features and enhancements. These features include the ability to download photos and videos, hide read receipts, zoom in on photos and videos, and more.

Is InstaPro APK safe to use?

InstaPro is generally safe to use. However, it is important to download the app from a trusted source, such as the website. There have been some reports of malware being included in modded apps, so it is important to be careful.

How do I install Insta Pro?

To install InstaPro, you will do not need to uninstall the official Instagram app from your device. You can download the InstaPro APK latest version from the website and double-click on it to install it.

How do I use InstaPro?

Once InstaPro is installed, you can launch it from your app drawer. You will then be able to sign in to your Instagram account and start using the app.

What are the benefits of using Insta Pro?

InstaPro offers a variety of benefits over the official Instagram app. These benefits include:

1) The ability to download photos and videos
2) The ability to hide read receipts
3) The ability to zoom in on photos and videos
4) number of other additional features

What are the drawbacks of using InstaPro?

Insta Pro is not an official Instagram app, so it is not supported by Instagram. This means that you may run into problems using Insta Pro, such as being unable to log in or being banned from using the app.

Which is better: Instagram or Insta Pro?

Instagram Pro offers a number of advantages over the official Instagram app, such as the ability to download photos and videos, view private profiles, and hide ads.

However, it is important to note that Insta Pro is not an official app and is not endorsed by Meta. This means that there is a risk that your account could be banned if you use Instagram Pro.

If you are looking for a way to get the most out of Instagram, then Insta Pro is a good option.

What dose Insta Pro do?

Insta Pro is a modified version of the official Instagram app that offers additional features, such as:

Downloading photos and videos

Viewing private profiles

Hiding ads

Customizing the app’s appearance

Anonymous story viewing

Full-screen photo viewing

Zooming in on profile pictures

Copying comments

Translating captions

Sharing stories to multiple social media platforms

Why would someone want to use Insta Pro?

People may choose to use Insta Pro because it offers features that are not available in the official Instagram app, such as the ability to download photos and videos or view private profiles.


Instagram Pro is a great alternative to the official Instagram app for those who want more features and control over their experience. It offers a variety of features that are not available in the official app, such as the ability to download photos and videos, hide read receipts, and zoom in on photos and videos.

In addition to these features, InstaPro is also more customizable than the official app. You can change the theme of the app, the font size, and the way that notifications are displayed.

Overall, Insta Pro is a great option for those who want a more customized and feature-rich Instagram experience. If you are looking for an alternative to the official app, I highly recommend checking out InstaPro App.

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